Check in on your mental health and the mental health of those you care about. Start a conversation to see how you can help or support yourself or others.

When Is It Time to Seek Support for Your Mental Health?

When you regularly check in on your own mental health and that of the people you care about, you can take action to address problems early on before they become more serious.

How to Recognize the Warning Signs of Suicide

By taking action to help a loved one—recognizing the warning signs, finding the words to start a conversation with someone you are concerned about, and reaching out for support—you have the power to make a difference, to help someone find their reasons for living.

Take Action Pledge

Join us in making and sharing your personal Pledge to Take Action for Mental Health.By making this Pledge, you are committing to Check In, Learn More, and Get Support for yourself, your friends, and your community, to improve everyone’s mental health.

Check-In Chats

Many people want to support their family and friends but aren’t sure how to bring up the subject of mental health. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard!