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Every year in May, we celebrate Mental Health Matters month. This year our theme is “Share” or #Share4MH. Why?
Because sharing about our own mental health journey – and how we get support – has a ripple effect. It inspires others
to get the help they need. It’s also how we overcome stigma. So this month, we invite you to:

  • Share how you care for your mental wellness (and possibly use any of our resources!)
  • Share how you get support
  • Share how you overcame stigma in your family or in your community
  • Share your journey towards mental well-being


We’re encouraging Californians across the state to share how they support their mental well-being with their friends, loved ones, and more on social media by using the #Share4MH hashtag. And, if you’re one of the first 50 Californians to post with #Share4mH on social media, you’ll get a Mental Health Matters Month gift bag mailed to you with some swag!

We’re adding even more helpful tips and resources on our Take Action for Mental Health social media channels, so be sure to follow us and see what’s new.


Motherhood makes sense to me. Some of my most challenging moments have been as a mother, but there is no greater joy ❤️❤️
I would not trade it for anything❤️❤️

Happy Mother’s Day ❤️
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Sharing personal stories can be difficult, but also liberating! Sharing creates a ripple effect- encouraging others who might be struggling to feel less alone. Comment using the hashtag #Share4mh if you agree! If you need access to free mental health resources, please click the link in my bio. 
Recipes for Wellness and Self-Care

These illustrated guides provide “recipes” with
easy-to-follow steps for self-care, reducing
stress, a healthy body and mind, social
support, and mindfulness. Deep breaths and
screen breaks are just a few of the ingredients.

Feel Better Bops 💚 Our Mental Health Matters Month Spotify Playlist

From Beyoncé and Cyndi Lauper to Marc
Anthony and Jimmy Eat World, these songs
cover a range of mental health topics. Some
can help uplift you while others just know
where you’re coming from.

Open in Spotify
What Might Work for You? Mental Health Support Options

Check out our guide to the many ways to get
support for your mental health and well-being, based on what you’re ready for, what makes sense for you, and the level of support you need.

Your Mental Wellness Plan

A workbook we created to help you identify
what’s causing you stress and your sources of
support and calm. You can write down your
stress factors, self-care actions, and people
you lean on – and quickly refer back when you
need it!


Download the complete May is Mental Health Matters Month Toolkit


Amber Dee


Amber Dee is a Licensed Professor Counselor, Speaker, and the Founder of Black Female and Male Therapists. She prides herself on improving mental health and wellness in the community by meeting those in need “where they are” through cultural and relatable content and services. For over a decade, she has exemplified a true passion for changing the narrative around mental health, personal growth, wellness, and healing

Juan Acosta


Juan Acosta is a first-generation Mexican immigrant who began his advocacy work locally at age 13. At 21, Juan drafted a historic LGBTQ+ proclamation for his hometown of Woodland, CA. His work is focused on underserved communities, specifically on the LGBTQ+, Immigrant, and Latinx communities. Juan participated in the first-ever Youth Mental Health Action Forum White House Event and co-authored the New York Times Bestselling “Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community” with musical artist and actress Lady Gaga + other Born This Way Foundation Reporters.

Anysa and
Amaya Gray


Anysa and Amaya Gray AKA The Gray Twins are resilient, ambitious, and charismatic student-athletes from East Palo Alto, California. Growing up in a low-income community in a single-parent household had its challenges. Yet, the Gray Twins persisted and made history, becoming the first twins to play on the women’s soccer team at the University of California, Berkeley. Anysa is intended to major in Legal Studies with a minor in African American studies, while Amaya is majoring in Social Welfare with a minor in Spanish.

Owin Pierson


Owin (he/him) is a Queer Asian-American Content Creator. Receiving his BA in Psychology from George Mason University, Owin focuses his work on mental health, LGBTQIA+ and AAPI advocacy. He is a full time lifestyle and travel influencer who currently is nomadic but usually can be found in LA or NYC.

If you are in distress, need emotional support, or are worried about a loved one, help is available.

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